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Law Clinic - Mitrovica

Main objectives is building capacities of young law students and local municipality administration in practical part of legal skills and get familiar with laws.


Think local, work green

Education of citizens from Northern part of Mitrovica, especially youth about “green” values and daily life habits which can have possitive effects on nature protection (rational use of nature resources, energy efficiency, water use, pollution, climate changes etc)


Capacity building program for young civil society activists

Main goals: promotion of civil society values, providing basic info and skills about project management, basics facts about scope of NGO work (2009 and 2010)


Raising public awareness and decision makers of climate changes

Main aspects of this project was work on increasing public awareness in Kosovo, about entering Kosovo in global organization and activities of countries to reduce gas emission CO2, encouraging using renewable sources of energy and taking different measures in order to minimize climate changes danger.


Project Academy for Future of Youth

Project was entitled to carefully selected young peoples from various Serbian community at Kosovo which already passed trainings from building capacities in field of political education